Cinnabon's Sweet Retreat Recap Part 1

Last Tuesday, I flew out to Seattle for Cinnabon's Sweet Retreat. I had no idea what to expect from the trip but I knew it would be fun. That evening, I met fellow bloggers Alice of  Savory Sweet Life, Amanda of Mommy Mandy, Cathy of Gastronomy Blog, Carey of GigaChef, Elita of Soul Parents, Erin of Serious Eats, Tanya of Mommy Goggles and Shara of Mommy Perks.  We made introductions and shared appetizers at the Edgewater Hotel.

Wednesday morning, we walked along Alaskan Way to get to the ferry. 
Cinnabon Sweet Retreat
During the walk, I spotted this sign for cupcake bath bombs which I took as a sign that cupcakes are everywhere!
@cupcakeblog look how stinkin' cute you are on the ferry ride... on Twitpic

We took the ferry to Bainbridge Island to have lunch and then a cab to meet Jerilyn Brusseau at her farmhouse on the island.  Alice from Savory Sweet Life took that photo of me while we were on the ferry.

When we walked at the farmhouse, it was kinda like walking into a surprise birthday party. We were greeted with the glorious smell of dozens of cupcakes and a team of people waiting to meet us. There were four people from Cinnabon, Jerilyn and her 90 year old mother. I wouldn't normally mention a woman's age, but she's supercool.

Cinnabon Sweet Retreat

Even though I was full from lunch, I couldn't wait to bite into the cupcakes. The four flavors are Chocolate Passion, Vanilla Bliss, 24-Carrot Cake and the Cinnacake Classic.

My personal favorites are the Chocolate Passion and Cinnacake Classic.
Cinnabon Sweet Retreat
The chocolate cake is moist and the ribbons of chocolate frosting makes it look like a chocolate present.

Cinnabon Sweet Retreat

The Cinnacake Classic has the deep cinnamon flavor and the frosting is so good. Plus if you slice the cupcake in half then you can see the rings of cinnamon sugar.

cinnabon 043

Who is Jerilyn Brusseau?  Jerilyn is the woman who created the recipe of the Cinnabon twenty five years ago, and she developed the recipe for the new Cinnabon cupcake line that are being rolled out to Cinnabon stores this month.  She is a also a humanitarian who founded Peace Trees Vietnam, a nonprofit dedicated to removal land mines in Vietnam.

Recap Part 2 will include more cupcake pictures!

[Disclosure: The publicists for Cinnabon contacted Cupcakes Take The Cake and invited one of us for the event. Flight, meals and hotel for two nights were paid for by Cinnabon.]


Unknown said…
Loved-loved meeting and spending time with you!! I know we'll see each other again.. but until then we have Cinnabon cupcakes!
Shanna Schad said…
Too bad they don't show a picture of the cinnacake cupcake sliced in half. It looks sooo good!! That's a recipe I would love to have!
Gastronomer said…
How much fun did we have?! SO MUCH! Great meeting you, Nichelle!