Cupcake Pebbles!

I'm not sure how I missed this and thought it was a joke until I saw a couple postings about it. Must. Get. To. Grocery. Store. ASAP. (though I admit that I actually prefer cereals like Grape-Nuts). So it's true, now there is a cupcake cereal (not to be confused with cereal cupcakes) in the form of...Cupcake Pebbles!!

Twitpic by @lesvillainettes

And Popdose has a review - hint: the post's title is "The Great Gross-Off: Cupcake Pebbles" (and the photos below):

f you haven’t been lucky enough to surf the next wave of deeply inappropriate first meals, I’m going to try and give you an idea of what to expect — but oh my God, you guys, I wish the Web was scratch ‘n’ sniff, because words can’t describe the overpowering blast of cupcakeness that uncoils itself, panther-like, and lodges in your nostrils when you open a box of Cupcake Pebbles. It almost literally punches you in the face. If Betty Crocker and Mike Tyson decided to open a bakery together, I think they would aspire to the visceral scent-clubbing this cereal delivers — it’s so thick, by the time you tear open the bag, you feel like you’ve already eaten several bowls.

But don’t let that stop you from chowing down, because I’m here to tell you that if you’ve ever wished you could eat hundreds of tiny cupcakes in a bowl of cold milk, shoveling them madly into your mouth during the 35 seconds before they get soggy — and who hasn’t? — then Cupcake Pebbles is a dream come true. The only bad thing about it is that I can’t imagine where in the hell the “dessert as diabetes-inducing alleged breakfast” game can possibly go from here. All I know is that the dudes who make Cookie Crisp had better respond to this quickly. (Hint for Cookie Crisp dudes: Figure out how to turn ice cream Drumsticks into a cereal.)

images via Popdose

We Write Stuff also reviewed Cupcake Pebbles:

Once I got up from roflmao, I poured myself a bowl of Cupcake Pebbles. They emitted a wofty cake smell, the kind of smell hanging in the air in a bakery while they're waiting to put on the icing. The other types of Pebbles are fruity and cocoa, which are colored, so it's kind of funny seeing a bunch of naked little pebbles in the bowl. Naked as they are, they do have cereal's answer to confetti all over them, which makes them look festive and fun.

So I poured the milk in and went to town. The main taste is a vanilla/batter-y kinda flavor, and it's surprisingly strong, though obviously not as intense as Fruity Pebbles. Taking a bite of Cupcake Pebbles is like eating your birthday in a bowl with Bamm-Bamm. I ate the bowl pretty quickly, but the pebbles seemed to take their time getting soggy. The flavor is relatively unique in the cereal world, and I enjoyed it a lot. I'm sure it's terrible for you, but hey. Go eat some celery, hippie. But seriously, the best part of it is that there's now a new flavor of milk to drink once the cereal is gone! That and the fact that Cupcake Pebbles don't leave a weird film on the top of your mouth like Fruity Pebbles do.

What do you say, cupcake lovers? Would you try this? Should cupcakes by everywhere?


Lise said…
I have to get some of those next time I hit the grocery store. They look absolutely dee-lish!
sabriena said…
I am definitely putting this on my list to look for when I go to the store! I bet it'd go good on some vanilla ice cream!
Pretty Zesty said…
HAHA these are so cute!
Lucy said…
I have to find this, the description of the smell is what did it for me!
I saw this at Publix yesterday in passing...I'm gonna have to get some tomorrow!
Sarah said…
Ironically, I just ate a bowl of cocoa pebbles about 10 minutes before seeing this. (haha)
Anyway, it is quite disgusting the things they make intended for a child's breakfast, however, these kinds of cereals make for great before bed snacking instead of ice cream. As a cupcake lover, I'm sure it doesn't compare. As a junk food cereal lover, I would totally try it. Very cute.
I bought this cereal after I saw it a few weeks ago and haven't seen it since in any supermarket since. My kids LOVE this! I'd better hunt some down again!
Bry said…
When I saw these on the shelf (on sale at my local grocery for $1.89) I HAD to stock up! My kids were so so so excited, as I was also! They sure are tasty!!
Everyone seems to like them, but I'm a little hesitant. But then again, I'm a boring Cheerios person.
pretty dagger said…
I want some SO badly! I am in Manhattan and haven't been able to find them ANYWHERE!!
Michael Kaitis said…
Lol, it's We Rate Stuff. But thanks for the link anyways.
Princess Jessie said…
I live in Fort Worth Tx and went to 4 stores and still can't find them. :(
Princess Jessie said…
Same but in FortWorth :(
DR QXX said…
OMFG i need this large quantities I cant wait. I am going to the store right now.