Cupcakes by A Cup Full of Cake

I will post more about Saturday's fabulous, fun cupcake meetup at Saint Cupcake but I wanted to highlight one of the attendees, Shanna from the blog A Cup Full of Cake.

Here's us rocking our sunglasses - after coming from New York to sit in the sun was glorious!

All the cupcakes below are from A Cup Full of Cake - visit her blog for recipes and more photos

chocolate mousse cupcakes

candy corn cupcakes

coconut passionfruit cupcakes

Minnie Mouse cupcakes: "The cupcakes are chocolate with chocolate frosting. Oreos for the ears and pink fondant bows." (I think these are so fun and done simply but beautifully.)

inside her tiramisu cupcake!

sunflower cupcakes


Julio Steph Santana said…
Awesome Shanna.. so glad you got to go to St Cupcake & meet Rachel.
Flour Child Cakes said…
Seriously - please come to South Florida!
A Cup Full of Cake said…
It was great meeting you, Rachel, as well as the other gals that showed up for the event. I'm so glad the weather was as nice as it was for your visit to Portland!

Fasteron Zombie said…
I love the Mickey Mouse ears cupcakes!
Our Little Blessings said…
Oh, if I had know you were in Portland I would have been there! I still haven't made it to Saint Cupcake even though I live in Portland. You picked a good weekend to visit Oregon.