Cupcakes Take The Cake Housekeeping: FAQs and A Map

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Hey Cupcake Fans! I spent some time yesterday with a little light housekeeping on Cupcakes Take The Cake. With over 11,000 blog posts and five years of content, it is time for spring cleaning.
First, I have updated our FAQs.
Second, take a look at our "Mail Order Cupcakes" List which is on the right hand sidebar. It is updated.
Third, the "Cupcake and Foodie Blogs We Love" is updated.  You can find it down the left hand sidebar.
Fourth, we have a Cupcake Google Map for New York City bakeries.  It is a work in progress, but a great way for cupcake lovers and cupcake tourists to plan their own sweet self-guided tour of cupcakes places.