Flickr cupcake spotlight on Toronto's Cupcakes and Sundry

I met Stephanie from custom cupcake company Cupcakes and Sundry when I was in Toronto in October at our cupcake meetup...and sadly, it's taken me this long to post her Flickr spotlight. Sorry! But it was worth the wait I think because these photos are so beautiful, and she has so many more. You can also follow her at @cupcakesandsundry on Twitter.

When I go back to Toronto (hopefully in the fall), I'm going to have her make me some of the s'mores ones (the last photo) - OMG!

Here's the description from her site:

Cupcakes and Sundry is a custom cupcakery located in the tiny village of Port Credit, located in the City of Mississauga, Ontario just minutes outside Toronto. Cupcakes and Sundry can make any type of cupcake your heart desires, just ask! Jumbo cupcakes, regular cupcakes, mini cupcakes or cupcake pops; anything is possible. I use all the best ingredients and creativity to come up with different and unique sweet or savory flavours. Add an appropriate cupcake liner in any colour or theme that is out in the baking and decorating world, perfect for your occasion. Decorations on the top can show a person’s interests, their name or whatever the occasion is you are celebrating.

For orders or questions, email orders at

See more photos in this cupcake Flickr set and this cupcake and ice cream one.

She calls this one a "cupcookie" with chocolate frosting - adorable!

Ice cream cupcake! photo by m:k:photographics
This is a Banana Pecan cupcake topped with Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey ice cream, fresh whipped cream, banana slice and pecan. See this blog post for more information.

Valentine's Day cotton candy pop vanilla cupcakes with multi colour vanilla icing

cupcake burger...or burger cupcake?

German chocolate cupcake with coconut and pecan topping

mint brownie cupcake, outside and inside

Chocolate mud cupcake with mint marshmallow buttercream and chocolate frosting

two kinds of s'mores cupcakes!


Mari said…
They all look delicious. My favorite are the smores ones.

Mari from,

Mari's Cakes
Oh my gosh! Thanks for the write up CTTC, I was wondering why my flickr stats sky rocketed!
Leesh said…
Thanks for this post. I live in close to Port Credit. There are no cupcake shops in Mississauga so I am glad to find out that I can order close to home. I am quite excited about this and am going to check out her site right away!!!