Girl Scouts bake cupcakes

Girl Scouts are getting into the cupcake baking scene (which is funny because last night I had a Samoa Girl Scout-inspired cupcake at Trophy Cupcakes!):

A Northwest Daisy troop teamed up with Cupcake Couture to earn its badges through baking and decorating cupcakes under the tutelage of owner Wynette Zamora. Zamora laid out the ingredients for the girls, showing them how to mix and measure ingredients in small groups. While the girls were waiting for the cupcakes to bake, they decorated cookies.

“I thought it was very fun for the girls to have a hands-on experience on creating a recipe from scratch,” Zamora said. “It gave them an experience on what it meant to create that perfect cupcake. They were actually earning a badge, so they paid a lot of attention to detail.”

And even though most children would prefer to eat cupcakes rather than make them, the Girl Scouts were serious about their task.

“It was wonderful, well-organized and planned well. The girls learned how math is involved in cooking, which I thought was cool,” said troop mother Cynthia Elizondo.

“They learned why you have to wait and why it has to be hot. They got to use their creativity and decorate a cookie and cupcake. It was really exciting. They took turns; they were able to follow the recipe. They loved it."

Troop mother Jill Palmer found a listing for Cupcake Couture in an in a Girl Scout publication featuring local businesses willing to work with the Girl Scouts. Unlike the Girl Scouts of the past, current Girl Scouts learn more than just how to pitch a tent or make crafts.

“When you look at the GS program, each badge represents a skill the girls have learned. It's always best to learn the skills from an expert,” said Stephanie Finleon, communications director for Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas.


Hillary said…
What a wonderful idea!