Ice cream sundae cupcakes plus recipe

Priscilla Tsai over at Creative Loafing blog Eat My Charlotte made these amazing-looking ice cream sundae cupcakes and has the recipe!

She writes:

These Ice Cream Sundae Cupcakes don’t really have any ice cream in them, but only resemble sundaes (sorry, you ice-cream-o-holics). But they just may be better than an ice cream sundae. The base is a chocolate cake, which is then cored and filled with chocolate ganache, piped with vanilla buttercream, and then topped with sprinkles and a cherry, oh yes, and more ganache.


Danielle Hawes said…
Oh my goodness, I want one. Or two. Or five.
Anonymous said…
OMG! Those look delish, love ganache!
Em said…
Based on the first comment on the Creative Loafing page, it looks like the recipes might've originated at this site:

They are definitely on our must-try list, though!
Jamieanne said…
Thanks Em, you're totally right! That's okay though, I'm just glad she enjoyed them! :)