MilkMade! Cupcake-laden ice cream

I was so very excited to read about MilkMade Ice Cream delivery service, right here in my own neighborhood, the East Village of NYC. (Turns out we live on the same block!) I mean who wouldn't love hand-crafted small-batch locally sourced ice cream lovingly delivered to your door every month? But when I saw that this month's flavors included red velvet cupcake from 'hood fave sugar Sweet sunshine (correct although odd spelling) I knew I had to have some.


The MilkMaids, Michelle and Diana, were generous enough to deliver two pints of February's flavors to me to try. Salted caramel and the aforementioned red velvet cupcake.


I had a fellow foodie friend over to handle the double-pint of ice cream happiness, and I am sure glad she was here because this stuff is rich! And so very delicious.

And, how cute is this?


Personalized labels!

I was won over instantly, even before tasting the goodness. Diana and Michelle were sweet and personable, and very happily professional and knowledgeable about their product. Plus, they willingly trudged up five flights of stairs just to deliver my ice cream at 8pm.

Of course, I was most interested in the Valentine's Day special flavor of red velvet cupcake, but I should remind you that salted caramel is one of my favorite flavors ever. If I had to pick which flavor I liked better I'd be in trouble. Luckily, I didn't have to choose.

I thought the salted caramel was a bold and complex choice. It was very salty at first, almost too salty, but the finish was remarkable. I would have turned it down a notch with the salt but Gretl, my tasting buddy, said it was perfection. The ice cream is definitely high-end. No ice crystals, no melted-and-refrozen-bodega dessert here! The ice cream comes with instructions for enjoyment and suggestions for pairings. The salted caramel would have been wonderfully accompanied by warm apple pie or a shot of espresso, as noted, or with just a spoon (our method of choice).


If you love sugar and salt combined you will go nuts for this stuff. You can taste the burnt sugar base with a hint of vanilla. It's creamy and rich, sweet and salty.

salted caramel

salted caramel

The red velvet was stuffed with chunks of awesome sugar Sweet sunshine cupcake. The cupcake held up in the ice cream, much to my surprise and delight. It's in a cheesecake ice cream base, and has at least one cupcake per pint according to the pretty info booklet that was delivered with the 'scream.

The flavor was very tangy, almost yogurt-like, and addictive as all get out. The pint did not survive the night. Although I clearly recognized red velvet cupcake in the 'scream (I love that MilkMade calls it 'scream) I didn't taste any of sugar Sweet sunshine's frosting. I'm not sure if it had any frosting in it, but since the base was cheesecake ice cream it possibly would have been overkill. Gretl and I debated if it needed (or even contained) any cream cheese frosting. I'd be curious to know if the MilkMaids included it or not.

Gretl and I both thought we tasted fruit of some sort in the ice cream, but perhaps it was due to the color? I swear I tasted a fruit flavoring of some sort but couldn't find any evidence of that in the literature or pictures. This cupcake-and-ice-cream treat is perfect for Valentine's Day! A wonderful ending to a romantic meal, or to eat alone sobbing over a lost love.

The MilkMaids obviously made many attempts before finding the perfect flavor profile, and this is it. I loved this ice cream and am only sad that I don't have more.

red velvet cake ice cream

variations on red velvet cake

Gretl though this flavor was less complex and less adult than the salted caramel and I agree. This ice cream is perfect for kids and adults, although, at its premium price I am not sure I'd want to share it with kids! That's right, goodness such as this does not come cheap. Priced at $50 for a three-month membership of one pint per month (your choice between two flavors, different each month), it's a bit high, but the MilkMaids do offer a wonderful product worthy of the cost. And it's hand-delivered, which makes this spoiled NY'er very happy. Oh, and membership has its rewards, including invitations to tastings, socials and events.

Right now MilkMade only delivers to the East and West Village but expansion plans are in the works to most of Manhattan.

And, for this weekend only, the 'Maids are doing something different. You can pick up the yumminess this Saturday (the 13th) at the Greenpoint Market in Brooklyn($15/pint), or, my personal favorite, for $20 you can have a pint of your choice sent as a Valentine's Day ice-cream-gram to a loved one on February 14th. How sweet is that? All orders must be in by Wednesday or Thursday latest, by contacting MilkMade at with the subject line of "Be Mine."

I can't tell you how many cupcake points (better than brownie points, right?) you'd score by having a pint of red velvet cupcake ice cream delivered to your sweetie on Valentine's Day.

You can follow MilkMade on Twitter, tumblr, Facebook, its Website and Flickr. These 'Maids are definitely plugged in.

To see the entire photoset click here. Some photos courtesy the MilkMaids, used with express written permission.


Sheryl said…
Yum!! That ice cream looks so yummy, what a fantastic concept and excellent packaging and marketing. LOVE IT.
I love the idea! I'm not much of an ice cream person so when I get it, it's a special treat. I would be willing to pay more to get this ice cream. Too bad I live so far away!
marin said…
so so so not fair!! You can't dangle this deliciousness in front of my face and tehn tell me I can only get it in NEW YORK!! Tell those girls to open a Seattle branch STAT!! I MUST have salted carmel and red velvet icecream!! :D