Mini Chocolate Cupcake at Huckleberry in Santa Monica

chocolate mini cupcake at huckleberry

Sunday morning after the LA Cupcake Challenge, my boyfriend and I walked around Santa Monica and had brunch near where we were staying. Our friends suggested Huckleberry, and so we went there. Having read good reviews on Yelp, I expected to be crowded, and I was not wrong. We wait in line to order food, then waited again to get seated. The process is kinda like being in a deli. While waiting, I looked all the lovely pastries and spotted mini chocolate cupcakes. They were $2 per cupcake which I think is a bit much for a mini. The chocolate ganache frosting was delicious but the cake itself was a little blah. I enjoyed the Green Eggs and Ham and kept eating off my boyfriend's plate which was a meaty Duck Hash. Coincidentally, I saw an old friend of Rachael and mine, Jayme Waxman, who recently moved to LA. It's a small mini-cupcake world.