Minneapolis cupcake meetup, Sunday, February 28th at Cupcake

Since I'm going to be in Minneapolis, I thought I'd do another cupcake meetup, and since I love the s'mores cupcake at Cupcake and haven't been there in a while, that seems like a good location. You can follow them on Facebook and @cupcakempls on Twitter.

I had planned my trip around the opening of Cake Eater Bakery but sadly, they will not be open yet while I'm in town, but stay tuned for details - now it's slated for March 20th.

No need to RSVP, Cupcakes Take the Cake will buy the first dozen cupcakes, after that, everyone's on their own. Questions? Email cupcakestakethecake at gmail.com

I know Minneapolis has a LOT of cupcake lovers so I look forward to hanging out with you again.

Cupcakes Take the Cake Meetup
Sunday, February 28, 3-5 pm
3338 University Ave. SE.
Minneapolis, MN 55414

photos above from the Cupcake Facebook page.


Unknown said…
I want to be supportive of a local place but I thought the Cupcake Cafe cupcakes were not good. The cake was dry and flavorless. Lots of effort though to make them pretty!