Our pastry chef friend Renee Faris reviews...

Cake Boss!

Renee's our pastry chef friend (formerly of Carlo's Bakery and seen on TLC's Cake Boss) who just moved to California and is reviewing some L.A.-area cupcakeries for Cupcakes Take the Cake. She visited Soul Cups Cupcake and Catering on Valentine's Day and has sent in this report:

"Soul Cups Cupcake and Catering of Los Angeles, California, had a wonderful Valentine’s Day cupcake tasting and open sale to the public at Say Cheese Cafe. Upon walking into the cheese shop, I was met by Celeste Alleyene, her team, and her dainty cupcakes.

Strawberry Twist Bites cupcake.

Business cards and display.

Celeste Alleyne's company was created for catering public, celebrity, and corporate events as well as holiday parties. For the tasting, Celeste shared Lemon Drop bites with Strawberry Buttercream, Muddy Water Chocolate bites with Lemon Buttercream, and Strawberry Twists, which were Strawberry Pound O'Butter cake with a Strawberry Buttercream.

The tasting assortment.

Individual cupcakes for sale $3.50 each.

Muddy Waters Chocolate bites cupcake is made with dark Valrhona chocolates, and is topped with a sweet lemon buttercream that goes well with the dark chocolate. The Strawberry Twists were delightful, light, fluffy, fresh-tasting cupcakes with actual bits of strawberries in the batter and the icing as well! Lemon Drop cupcakes are another light and fluffy cake, with a hint of lemon, and are topped with a sweet lemonbuttercream.

Muddy Waters Chocolate Bites Cake with Chocolate Peppermint Buttercream and Peppermint bits (the best seller).

Pound O'Butter with Vanilla Buttercream.

Celeste's motto is 'fresh, quality, and organic' all the way. Even though it may cost more, it is worth every penny. She knows her clientele will “leave satisfied and feel good after eating her desserts.”

Celeste Alleyne and her team!

Keep your eyes peeled (eww!) for more from Renee Faris, as she visits and reviews Los Angeles-area cupcakeries. Thanks, Renee, great work!