Rochester, New York's best cupcake - a blogger goes on the prowl

I love that all over the world people are seeking out the best cupcakes - as well as baking their own.

Blogger Chic & Green is going on a cupcake quest for the best cupcake in Rochester, New York, complete with cute logo:

She plans to hit up Sugar Mountain Bake Shoppe, The Cupcake Dreamery, Goodness Cakes Bakery, Eco Bella Bakery. I've never been to any of these but in a random act of serendipity (aren't those the best?), I'm in the middle of a post about one of them, complete with pretty cupcake photos, so stay tuned to her for her cupcake tasting adventures.


Karley said…
Thank you for the mention! Last fall I sought out Rochester's best homemade pumpkin donut. I am even more excited about the cupcake challenge. I keep getting suggestions and am adding Dolce Cupcake in Pittsford, a Rochester suburb. I am open to trying more and extending the challenge :)

GREAT blog you have by the way!
pnkdiamonds said…
The Cupcake Dreamery has an incredible cupcake!!!! Super yummy frosting!!!!
Sugar Mountain is great too...very large and they are filled with delicious creams. I highly recommend both!!
My Site (click to edit) said…
Ok so I think this review is a little ridiculous in the matter that they compared some interesting flavors at one place than just chocolate or Vanilla at another, as a food reviewer you can not make a fair comparison on creativity from different styles of cupcakes the blogger needs to learn a little about how to review food before they make themselves out to be a reputable source.
My Site (click to edit) said…
i'm not so sure that this is a fair comparison. there were 9 flavors available at Sugar Mountain that night. to only choose chocolate and vanilla and then NOT give them a perfect score for creativity or appearance is ridiculous. also, to plug cupcake dreamery TWICE in the review of Goodness cakes implies that there is a pretty good possibility that the blogger is friends with the proprietor of the dreamery. absolutely it's okay to help a friend get a leg up on competition, but doing it this way is bad ethics.
kwr221 said…
Hmm, I thought I commented yesterday, but it didn't show up and I forgot what I wrote.

Anyway, It has been interesting to read of the Chic and Green cupcake adventures.

While I understand that she would be bored eating only vanilla cupcakes, I can't help but wonder if there would have a truer base to compare "the best" if she chose one chocolate and one vanilla from each bakery and perhaps one "specialty" flavor.

It seems like comparing apples and oranges; or sneakers and dress shoes to compare some specialty flavors and some "basic" (although not plain) flavors.

The bananas foster certainly looked good, but how can you rate the creativity of each bakery of you rank a specialty at one and a vanilla at another? ...Although the Very Vanilla is hardly basic at Sugar Mountain - it is custard- filled french vanilla heaven with bourbon vanilla buttercream (the best part) on top !

I know this was one woman's light-hearted adventure, but it was portrayed as a "search for the best" and it falls short on that promise since the tasting didn't fairly compare like cupcakes with each other.

Perhaps in the future, someone will host a true "Best of Rochester" cupcake tasting - that would be fun!