Seattle cupcake meetup February 25th at Trophy Cupcakes

I will have exact time, RSVP info and location soon, but wanted to give those in Seattle a heads up: I'm hosting a cupcake meetup at Trophy Cupcakes the evening of Thursday, February 25th. Mini cupcakes and cash bar (buy your own cupcakes). I'll update this post as soon as it's all finalized.

For those asking what we do at meetups...we eat cupcakes, analyze them, compare notes about our favorites, talk recipes, frosting, baking, and whatever else comes up. It's just a fun way to meet fellow cupcake fans and kindof geek out over them!

Trophy Cupcakes cupcakes; photo by new1improved on Flickr


Chic Vanilla C.A said…
Delicious and original "Ice Cream Chic" cupcakes from Caracas, Venezuela!
Chic Vanilla C.A said…
"Vanilla Chic Collection" by Chic Vanilla Bakery from Caracas, Venezuela! This pack content: 01 Lemon Pie cupcake, 01 Vanilla Oreo cupcake , Jamaica Flower cupcake, Coconut cupcake, 01 cookie cupcake and Funny Blue cupcake.