Southport Cupcake Truffle debuts

I love that cupcakes can combine with other kinds of desserts to create fun, unique new desserts that marry the best of both worlds. Sounds like this is the case with the Southport Cupcake Truffle by Truffle Truffle (via simple + pretty). (Speaking of Southport Grocer, I have a long overdue post to get up about their mail order cupcakes - coming soon!). You can also find them on Twitter (@trufflesquared) and Facebook.

Truffle Truffle's mission is:

"we seek to make handcrafted treats that are reincarnations of “the classics” but with a delicious twist so that they appeal not only to your palate, but also to your nostalgic sensibilities."

The official description of the Southport Cupcake Truffle, pictured above, from Truffle Truffle is:

a marriage of two local businesses, this truffle represents the best of both worlds! a Chicago favorite, Southport Grocery's delicious white cupcake is rolled in their amazing vanilla buttercream frosting and then enrobed in dark, milk, and white chocolate and finished with colorful sprinkles. these cupcake truffles are almost too adorable to eat. almost.

And here's what Southport Grocery had to say:

Yes, that is right – a Cupcake Truffle. Who could possibly think of such a device of comfort and indulgence? None other than our favorite confectioner: Nicole from truffle truffle. What is a Cupcake Truffle? Imagine for a moment our cupcakes: soft vanilla cake that melts in your mouth, the richness of buttercream frosting lighting all the right synapses. Now, pull that all inside a thick layering of milk, dark, or white chocolate. That’s Southport’s famous cupcake center, rolled in our buttercream frosting, enrobed in a shell of chocolate and top them off with a wide selection sprinkles. Mouth watering yet?

They are available now, $1.50 individually or $24 for 12 in a truffle truffle tin with Southport’s signature blue ribbon. They will also be available on Thursday the 11th to pack in your truffle truffle container. We are overjoyed to bring you this perfect collaboration between two local Chicago businesses.

Southport Grocery & Café
3552 N Southport
Chicago, IL 60657
@southportgrocery on Twitter

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