Ta Die For Cupcakes opens today in Marion, Ohio

Ta Die For Cupcakes will open today in Marion, Ohio at 9 am. According to The Marion Star:

he shop features more than 20 varieties of made-from-scratch jumbo cupcakes including The Buckeye, The Red Head, The Lemonhead, What's Up Doc, The Zurbert and The Yes You Can (for diabetics).

The store will sell five to eight varieties a day, offering cupcakes individually and by the half dozen and dozen. The shop will customize cupcakes for special events, as well.

They are located at the corner of S.R. 309 and Pole Lane Road and according to their Facebook page, have jumbo gourmet cupcakes and will be doing a special Valentine's Day cupcakes. Their phone number is 740-225-8898.

They have a Facebook page which has more info.

Today's flavors are:

Happy Birthday (white and chocolate) with Neon Pink or Neon Blue Icing( over-the-hill black, by request), To Have and to Hold (traditional wedding cake), The Buckeye, and Zubert (white chocolate Raspberry) and the Whats Up Doc (grandma's carrot cake).


Unknown said…
Love their logo! Can you believe there are NOOO bakeries in my town!