Valentine's Day cupcake bouquet and more Cocktail Cupcakes for Valentine's Day

This cupcake bouquet, perfect for Valentine's Day, is by custom cupcake company Cocktail Cupcakes of Atlanta, Georgia, who you can also follow @cocktailcupcake on Twitter and Facebook (these photos are from their Twitpic and Facebook).

They specialize in cocktail-inspired cupcakes and their flavors include Patron, Champagne, Mint Mojito, Lemon Drop, White Russian, Amaretto, Tequila Sunrise, Caramel Appletini, Chocolate Martini, Vanilla Martini and more.

strawberry margarita, pina colada, and cosmopolitan cupcakes

mojito cupcakes

Bailey's Irish Cream cupcakes

The Princess and the Frog cupcake tower

And the two below bring the cocktail cupcake theme together perfectly by placing cupcakes in cocktail glasses - gorgeous and very fun and memorable idea! I once had a giant martini glass that I won playing bingo...but it broke, sadly.

Cocktail Cupcakes
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Doña Masita said…
Your cupcakes are lovely! I specially loved your cupcake bouquet!

Congratulations and happy Valentine's Day!

Doña Masita
Mari Nuñez said…
Beautiful Cupcakes! I have enjoyed looking at all of them! My daugther thought they were real roses for a second.

One who loves to bake cupcakes,
from Mari's Cake
Brittany W said…
Hi! I'm Brittany - owner of Cocktail Cupcakes! Thank you so much for the the compliments! Everything has been a great success so far! I appreciate all of your continued support!