Valentine's Day cupcakes and more from San Francisco's Teeny Cake

These cupcakes are all from the Flickr account of San Francisco's Teeny Cake. I've tried their cupcakes before and they are cute and delicious.

Valenteenies #2
She's calling these "Valenteenies" - Valentine's Day mini cupcakes. Strawberry chocolate, It's Mint to Be, Southern Tradition, Duo of Chocolate, Vanilla Cake topped with Red Hot buttercream.

It's Mint to Be
It's Mint to Be: Chocolate cake topped with mint buttercream and a special York peppermint patty heart cut out

Non-Valentine's Day cupcakes:

2010 custom cupcakes

Baby it's cold outside!
mitten and scarf cupcakes

Caramel Popcorn
My personal favorite of these photos - caramel popcorn cupcakes! (Yes, previously posted in an Oscar cupcakes post, but so oozing with goodness, I wanted to share it again.)

Teeny Cake
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