Village Tart cupcakes are New York's new must-tastes

Village Tart is a delightful, mirror-filled, delicious new restaurant in New York at the corner of Kenmare and Mulberry, where Pichet Ong, of Batch and Spot fame, is the consulting chef.

They have small plates, pizzettes and tarts, savory and sweet, and a host of delicious desserts. See my Flickr set for the non-cupcake items. I can tell you that the stracciatella cupcake, which I'm still having trouble pronouncing, is a very sweet chocolate chip cupcake that will remind you of very good chocolate chip ice cream. The peanut butter cupcake is filled with jam inside for a wonderful peanut butter and jelly twist. The Nutella cupcake is great for chocolate lovers. They're $3.25 each. I recommend bringing a friend or two to share them with. There's currently another cupcake flavor that I didn't get to try, and I think there will be others introduced along the way, so stay tuned.

I can tell you this is how good they are: after we go to Spot tomorrow for our Super Bowl day meetup (join us, why don't you? Now only $10 which gets you $10 worth of cupcakes/desserts/drinks - they even have non-alcoholic champagne!), I'm going to Village Tart again. Right now they are open until 10 (closing a little early tomorrow), but Wednesday they start serving dinner. It's a cozy, intimate restaurant and I love that you can get gourmet cupcakes for dessert (but save room, because you can fill up fast). Note: I had dinner at Village Tart on Thursday, and my beet salad and two desserts were comped.

We'll have interviews with chef Pichet Ong and co-owner Patricia Suh here soon.

And I am not a world-class photographer; these were taken on my iPhone last night. I brought all this and more to a comedy show and was very popular.

Assorted cupcakes plus the Nutella skillet tort:

Village Tart cupcakes and Nutella skillet tort

Peanut butter cupcake, outside and inside:

Peanut butter cupcake from Village Tart


stracciatella cupcake:

stracciatella cupcake at Village Tart

Nutella cupcake:

Nutella cupcake, Village Tart

Village Tart
86 Kenmare Street
New York, NY
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