25,000 cupcakes donated each year by Cupcake Royale to charity

Seattle University Spectator has a great article on Cupcake Royale owner (and White House testimony giver) Jody Hall and her business:

In addition to her passion for bringing coffee back one drink at a time, Hall wanted to create a space where people could hang out that would inspire connections and create community.

Her marketing experience at Starbucks and creating neighborhood coffeeshops and culture influenced the way she wanted her own business to operate.

She says she operates her company under words of wisdom from business classes at Seattle U that encourage giving back to the community.

“I love that we’re a local, small business that does good in the communities in which we run our business,” Hall says. “We donate 25,000 cupcakes a year; we support local art and organizations.”

Hall also lives by the philosophy of making real cupcakes.

“Betty Crocker had destroyed—God love her—the idea that we could make things from scratch,” Hall says.

In addition to using non processed, fresh ingredients, Hall is a big believer in using local ingredients whenever possible.

“Our cupcakes are 66 percent local; it’s probably the most local cupcake in the country,” Hall says. “We do a lot with farmers to get their name out there and feature them.”
Not only is this another way for Cupcake Royale to reach out to the community, it is an environmentally conscious decision.