5 sets of Peeps cupcakes to cheer you (and me) up!

Peeps are fun! They cheer me up, especially on a blah day (like, um, today). Here are 5 Peeps cupcakes that will hopefully make you smile too!

Peeps Cupcakes with a Candy Bar Surprise - get the recipe at Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

Rainbow Peeps cupcakes by custom dessert company Lucy Blue Bakery in the San Fernando Valley via Flickr

Yellow Peep cupcake
from Mess Maker Baker on Flickr

Easter Bunny Cupcakes
Easter bunny Peeps cupcakes by Fingers in the Frosting on Flickr

Easter Peeps with flags by kern.justin on Flickr - see With Sprinkles on Top too.


Anne said…
Oh man, I have some Peep cupcake pics that I've been meaning to add to your Flickr group. Hopefully, you'll post some more peep pics and mine can be in there too.