Cupcake report from Hong Kong: Cupcake shopping break

This post is by our friend and Asia Correspondent Heidi:

Cupcake Shopping Break

Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui is a great place to shop 'til you drop. But why drop when you can re-energize at Coco Coffee and Chocolate, the stylish dessert bar in the Mira Hotel?

When I stopped in they had six different flavors, three "traditional" and three "exotic". I went for the Pistachio Bliss, which was vanilla cake filled with and piled high with pistachio white chocolate mousse. The cake was dense and moist-almost a pound cake texture- and very good. The mousse was light, and not overwhelmingly sweet, although not very pistachio-y either. (They are served with a fork, which confused me at first but then made total sense- if you try to bite into these you will get mousse all over your face.) Overall I felt like I was indulging but also eating "real food", which you can't always say about cupcakes.

The other flavors that were available were:
Mango Margarita-Vanilla and Cointreau cake with mango and tequila mousse
Go-Berry-Blueberry cake with mango mousse
Asian Garden-Vanilla cake with jasmine mousse
Black Pearl- Black sesame cake with a crunchy chocolate heart (!!) and white chocolate mousse
Apple Cinnamon- Apple cinnamon cake with vanilla white chocolate mousse

The cupcakes are HK$32 each, about US$4, and with a cup of Coco's good strong coffee this break will set you back about US$10. This is a cute place to drop in with a girlfriend or on your own- and Kowloon Park is right across the street (and has a nice aviary) if you'd like to walk it off right away.

Coco Coffee + Chocolate
Ground Floor
The Mira Hotel
118 Nathan Road (enter on Kimberly)
Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong
852 2315 5566
7:30am-8:30pm daily