Dude! It's a Skate Cake

Legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk and CRUMBS have teamed up to create a signature cupcake, the "Tony Hawk SkateCake.” The Tony Hawk SkateCake is a chocolate cupcake with sprinkles baked into the cake with vanilla cream cheese frosting, red and white sprinkles around the edges and topped with a custom sugar-based “skateboard,” that was designed by Tony Hawk himself. Proceeds from the sale of the SkateCake will benefit the Tony Hawk Foundation, a nonprofit, to help provide funds to build high-quality skateparks in low-income areas throughout the United States.

CRUMBS will donate a dollar from every SkateCake sold to The Tony Hawk Foundation. The SkateCake will be available for $3.75 $4 each in all CRUMBS store locations and will also be sold online (shipping nationwide) through the end of the year.


Rebecca said…
Hi, the Skate cake at Crumbs in Ridgewood NJ at least was $4! :) And they were DELICIOUS!!!! I love the combination of chocolate with rainbow sprinkles. I was a little sad to see the cake wasn't full of them, it looks as if the sprinkles were sprinkled (hehehe) on top of the batter and then baked. Still, what a hit!