Ice cream cone cupcakes in colorful cones

These ice cream cone cupcakes are by jek in the box on Flickr from the blog scrumdillydilly, and the recipe comes from the book shown, 500 Cupcakes by Fergal Connolly.

ice cream cone cupcakes

And here's a single ice cream cone cupcake, also via Flickr; the green cone really makes it stand out!


engageology said…
My mom used to make these when we were kids. Love them!
Cupcake Activist said…
I love making ice cream cone cupcakes, but it involves a lot of balance work! I usually end up with frosting-encrusted counter.
Cam V said…
I'm looking for a good cupcake book with great recipes, would you recommend this one?
Attempted Cook said…

500 Cupcakes is a great book for inspirations, and lots of flavor combinations. However, a critique of the book (my own, and shared with a few others online) is that the recipes are either formulated wrong, or dry, or both.

If you know about baking science, you can tweak the recipes to make them work, but for a beginner, I would not recommend it.
jek in the box said…
hey! that's me! thank you for choosing my happy cupcake pictures! as for the book, like Attempted Cook wrote, great for inspiration but yes, many of the recipes seem to be missing baking powder and salt, etc. i use it for inspiration all the time but i also bake quite a bit.

you might try Hey There Cupcake or the Cupcakes! by Elinor Klivans. have fun!
Miss. Tarrah Dame said…
I just made these using those same cones for a friends birthday and she loved them!