Kansas City's Cupcake a La Mode opens second cupcakery

From the blog Fat City comes news of Cupcake a La Mode in Kansas City expanding:

Chocolate cupcakes include flavors like marshmallow fondue (semi-sweet chocolate, marshmallow creme icing, a sprinkle of graham crackers and a chocolate covered graham cracker), chocolate obsession (chocolate buttercream icing and grated semisweet chocolate), and the Bella Nutella (Nutella, chocolate hazelnut buttercream icing, a Rocher-chocolate-covered hazelnut truffle and chocolate hazelnut pirrouhette cookie).

Vanilla flavors are just as varied: stuffed French toast (cream cheese icing, maple cinnamon buttercream icing, sprinkling of powdered sugar); Amaretto sweet (almond buttercream icing, almond slivers, topped with a maraschino cherry); and raspberry lemonade (raspberry buttercream and lemon buttercream, sugary raspberry and lemon wedge).

Cupcake enthusiasts should take note that Cupcake A La Mode offers both cream cheese-based and buttercream icing. And the cupcake cafe is set to offer two new flavors on March 2: Bailey's Irish Cream and Apple Pie.

See www.cupcakealamode.com for more information.