Kids and Cupcakes

I saw a bunch of kids eating (illegal) bake-sale cupcakes outside their school yesterday. It was all kinds of awesome to see. I wished I had a camera on me, because lord knows I love me some "kids and cupcakes" shots.

Ivy reaching for a cupcake

"Ivy reaching for a cupcake" by fortinbras.

Yet another return visit by Brandon:

birthday cupcake

"Birthday cupcake" by jencu.

Painted cupcake piggybanks:

Birthday party

"Birthday party" by niclindh.

Evonne's Baby Shower

"Evonne's Baby Shower" by isthisREALLYmylife?.

Happy Birthday, Layla!

"Happy Birthday Layla!" by Greene/Ellis.

Enjoying Royal Cupcakes

"Enjoying Royal Cupcakes" by hubertk.

MMG with cupcake

"MMG with cupcake" by Terence Gilheany.

Ohhh noes!


"Sarah and Lys having a cupcake" by zoopress.

and, finally:

Leah's Bunny

"Leah's Bunny" by diathesis.