Lemon line cupcake at Cupcakeland

I stopped by Cupcakeland in Williamsburg, Brooklyn today and was so
impressed with their lemon lime cupcake, a new one for me. The
frosting tasted basically like a lemon and lime pudding, and the cake
was moist and a great combo. There was something really addictive
about the sour sweetness. I was a bit skeptical about the combo as I
like lemon and lime but hadn't had them together but it totally
worked. $2.25 each these are a bargain (for NYC). Flavors rotate.


Sashainthekitchen said…
These look great. I made lemon-limoncello cupcakes last week :)
Nic :) said…
Wow! I am lloving your blog! (I am cupcake obsessed, and having been readiong for a long time ...

I have opened a cupcake forum, and it's so quiet, i need lovely people like you to help me liven it up a bit?

Would love to see you there and chatting