What was in the cupcake pop? The mystery is solved!

Remember when I posted about the adorable cupcake pop I tried at Minneapolis's Cocoa and Fig? I forgot to update you on what was inside...take a look:

Peanut butter cupcake pop at Cocoa and Fig, Minneapolis

Peanut butter!

It was so delicious - the outside was a hard candy-like shell and inside was this wonderful peanut butter concoction. I was told what it's made of (mostly peanut butter with something else added) but I forget, but it wasn't Skippy-type peanut butter, but a thicker, more natural-tasting one, less salty than usual and the perfect complement to the outside. Highly recommended!

Cupcake peanut butter pops at Cocoa and Fig

Here are some photos of Cocoa and Fig's cupcakes - they're in Nicollet Mall so you can shop and get your cupcakes at the same time. They told me the black velvet is their best seller.

Black velvet cupcakes, Cocoa and Fig, Minneapolis
Black velvet cupcakes

Cocoa and Fig cupcakes, minneapolis

I ate these kindof in a hurry while walking around - the frosting is fairly buttery, for those who are into that. The chocolate was my favorite cupcake though I think the cupcake pops were my favorite thing.

See more photos in my Flickr set. You can also check out their blog for more information; they also do catering (sweets and food).

Cocoa and Fig (apparently their site hasn't been updated to reflect the new retail location)
651 Nicollet Avenue
Minneapolis, MN
info at cocoaandfig.com