White Chocolate Kalamata Olive cupcake - yes really

I simply could not resist posting this Wild Side Menu from Palm Springs' custom cupcake company Over The Rainbow Cupcakes. They were one of the "crazy" flavors (chocolate covered potato chip!) I recommended that CNN used in their big story on how cupcakes are not a trend but are here to stay! You can also follow @cakesbyroman on Twitter.

Here's the Wild Side Menu, from the Over The Rainbow Cupcakes site:

Chocolate Covered Potato Chip - OTR Signature Flavor!

Rich chocolate cupcake, chocolate buttercream, topped with chocolate covered chips

Chocolate Beet Mascarpone

Chocolate red beet cupcake mascarpone buttercream

Hazelnut, Popcorn, Passion Fruit

Nutella hazelnut cupcake , sweet popcorn buttercream, passion fruit dust

Maple Pancakes and Bacon

Maple syrup cupcake, maple buttercream, candied smoked bacon crumbles

Chocolate Jalapeno

Dark chocolate jalapeno cupcake, chocolate buttercream, jalapeno dust

Chocolate Peppercorn

Dark chocolate cupcake chocolate crushed pink peppercorn buttercream

Milk Chocolate Coconut Curry

Milk chocolate curry cupcake with chocolate coconut buttercream curry dust

Pineapple Pink Peppercorn

Pineapple cupcake, pineapple pink peppercorn buttercream

Lemon Coriander

Lemon coriander cupcake and buttercream

White Chocolate Kalamata Olive

White chocolate cupcake with Kalamata olive buttercream

Fig Sweet Corn, Corn Nuts

Fig cupcake , sweet creamed corn buttercream, rolled in Corn Nuts

Dark Chocolate, Smoked Sea Salt, Pine Nuts, EVOO

Dark chocolate cupcake , pine nut buttercream, rolled in toasted pine nuts, smoked sea salt, extra virgin olive oil drizzle

Over The Rainbow Cupcakes
Palm Springs, California
cakesbyroman at aol.com

Here are some assorted photos from their Facebook page:

pool cupcakes

bee cupcakes


Jan said…
Cool! You just made cupcakes more interesting.