Cupcake art with real cupcakes!

This is genius, and I thank reader, artist, and cupcake-enthusiast Leah Foster for sending them in.

Writes Leah:

"Cupcakes are definitely my biggest obsession, such much so that I've started to create art out of cupcakes (Yes REAL cupcakes!!) I just thought I'd send my work your way, thought you girls might get a kick out of 20-foot-tall columns made out of real cupcakes, and colored batter paintings poured directly on the floor. I recently even had a cupcake party based art performance, where I invited people into my apartment to bake the cupcakes for me! I use cupcakes to explore gender based body image expectations, and what it is to be a woman."

Thanks again, Leah. All images used with express written permission from the artist.


My Site (click to edit) said…
Leah is a genius!! Kudos for featuring her art, which will soon be famous all over the planet. Or I'll eat my weight in cupcakes!