Cupcake tasting at Dots Cupcakes, Pasadena, CA

On Monday, I had the opportunity to visit Dots Cupcakes in Pasadena, California (thanks, Simone for the ride). I went to one of their two locations, on South Arroyo (the other is not too far away, we passed it on the ride back). The shop was very cute, with a small amount of indoor and outdoor seating.

Dots Cupcakes cupcakes, Pasadena, CA

See my full Dots Cupcakes Flickr set here. The mini cupcakes were $1.50 each, and were pretty big for mini cupcakes. I got 5 of them, all of which were delicious. (Large cupcakes are $2.75.)

The lemon drop and fleur de sel cupcakes were my standout favorites. I think there was salt in the caramel because later some got smeared on the bottom of the box and I tasted it and it was sweet and salty. The lemon had lemon curd (I think that's what it was) inside in a thin layer (see below) and was tart and delicious. I liked the crunchy chocolate balls on top of the mint chocolate chip, and that flavor was very strong. The little strawberry white chocolate shavings on top of the strawberry shortcake added to the visual appeal and tasted great, and there were pieces of actual strawberry in the cake. The chocolate cake in the fleur de sel and cookies and cream was moist and delicious. All of them were great and well worth $1.50.

Dots Cupcakes cupcakes, Pasadena, CA
Dots Cupcakes mini cupcakes. Top row: fleur de sel, chocolate mint. Bottom row: lemon drop, strawberry shortcake, cookies and cream. (See their full cupcake menu here.)

Dots Cupcakes, Pasadna, CA
inside the lemon drop mini cupcake

Some regular (large) size cupcake photos:

Dots Cupcakes cupcakes, Pasadena, CA
I like the way the marble swirl cupcakes look, impressive swirling action.

Dots Cupcakes cupcakes, Pasadena, CA
Cappuccino and cookies and cream cupcakes.

Dots Cupcakes cupcakes, Pasadena, CA
Dulce de leche and lemon drop cupcakes.

Dots Cupcakes, I Cupcake LA t-shirts
Next time I'm in town I definitely want to pick up one of the adorable I Cupcake LA t-shirts!

Dots Cupcakes cupcakes, Pasadena, CA
They also sell 2010 cupcake calendars.

Cupcake soaps, Dots Cupcakes
These cupcake soaps were adorable. I think $3 each, I got one to take home.

Dots Cupcakes cupcakes, Pasadena, CA
cute to go box

See www.dotscupcakes or their Facebook page for more information.

And via @dotscupcakes on Twitter, stop by their Arroyo shop and get a free mini strawberry cupcake today!