A cupcake to match your greeting card

From Little Miss Cupcake in Paris (via Flickr) comes a very cool cupcake and greeting card pairing:

This is a project I am working on with a graphic designer friend who runs a greeting card biz called Bonne Fete.

This is our first prototype. We will be offering children's birthday party invitations with matching cupcakes. Obviously the cards will be delivered a few weeks before the cupcakes. The cards will be personalized with child's name and birthday; the cupcakes will come in 3 of 8 assorted flavors chosen by the customer.

Visit www.littlemisscupcake.eu for ordering information.

Card & Cupcake


Cupcake Forum said…
I love this idea! Does the invitation come with an RSVP where the children attending can indicate what flavor of cupcake they would like? (Because that would be the icing on the cake.)