Cupcakeland does Easter peanut butter cupcakes

Cupcakeland on Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is fast becoming the cupcake bakery I visit the most, probably because it's the closest to where I live, but also because their cupcakes are cute, fun, creative (lemon-lime is my favorite!), $2.25 each and it's just a nice place to sit and have a cup of tea and eat cupcakes and chat. I did that, sans cupcakes, this past weekend because I've been observing Passover. They had peanut butter Easter cupcakes with M&M peanut butter candies on top, and a very tiny bunny on some of their chocolate cupcakes. Cute!

Visit for more information.

Cupcakeland peanut butter cupcakes
peanut butter cupcakes (available Saturday/Tuesday/Thursday)

Easter cupcakes at Cupcakeland, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Easter pastels and decorations

Bunny cupcake at Cupcakeland
Bunny cupcake closeup