England hates cupcakes

Or at least, one English writer, Laura Atkinson, thinks in her Telegraph article, Enough with cupcakes, already:

The gourmet equivalent of mutton dressed as lamb, cupcakes are, after all, essentially just tarted-up fairy cakes. They might be smothered in sprinkles and have enough icing for an entire kids’ tea party, but underneath it all, one thing remains: an overhyped fairy cake, just like the ones your mum taught you to make, aged four. And it’s not just the food bloggers and cooks who’ve had it up to their (slightly rotten) back teeth with cupcakes — you can now buy anti-cupcake mugs, T-shirts and even knickers. The AntiCupcake Company, based in San Francisco (slogan: “Down with the cupcake; up with the cheesecake”), has also jumped on the bandwagon, peddling mini cheesecakes.

So what does cupcake royalty make of it all? Steve Abrams, the man whose bakery, Magnolia, kick-started the trend, acknowledges that the phenomenon has reached the point of overkill. “The minute it gets big, everyone jumps on the bandwagon. Then, when it subsides, those people will disappear,” he says. “But seriously — these anti-cupcake people, are those the same people who don’t like children and dogs? I understand a segment of the population that’s curmudgeonly and anti anything that’s popular, but how could you bemoan a cupcake? It’s just something to eat — let’s not take ourselves too seriously.”

What started off as a cute retro trend, however, has grown into a (double-vanilla, red-velvet-flavoured) monster. You can now buy into the experience completely, with cupcake jewellery, a television show (Cupcake Wars) and even a cupcake-scented antibacterial hand sanitiser. Oh, and men, you’re catered for too: dudeswithbeardseatingcupcakes.tumblr.com features — yes, you guessed it — dudes with beards eating cupcakes. It’s enough to leave a bad taste in your mouth.


Angelina Cupcake said…
Why the hatred?? It's just an innocent little cupcake after all....
I know I'm not just speaking for myself when I say we English lurve the cupcake!!!