Fun Alice in Wonderland cupcakes

Alice in Wonderland has been very popular in the cupcake world, for good reason: the characters seem to lend themselves to outrageous cupcake creations. Blogger A Kitchen in Brooklyn is the latest to whip up some Alice in Wonderland cupcakes. Here are a few - see her blog for more photos and details about the cupcakes, which are gingerbread cake with cream cheese frosting:

As most of my readers are probably aware by now, I love making cupcakes. My passion for cupcakes is two-fold. First, I love making cupcakes in different delicious flavors and experimenting with lovely frosted cupcakes from key lime to chocolate to vanilla to gingerbread. In addition, I also love cupcake decorating and turning my cupcakes into miniature works of art. I have done cupcakes that look like the great modern art masters of the 20th century in my modern art cupcake series, and of course sushi cupcakes. Today, I introduce my series of Alice In Wonderland Cupcakes, inspired by Lewis Carroll's classic novel. I made these cupcakes together with my often-sous chef Alicia, who was actually named after the main character, Alice (her mom did her thesis dissertation on the novel). We had a fabulous time creating an original series of Alice in Wonderland cupcakes inspired by the novel - including the the Mad Hatter's hat, the White Rabbit's watch, the Doormouse, Tweedlededum, the Cheshire Cat and the Caterpillar.