Granola cupcake with blueberries

I'm on the Bolt Bus (that left half an hour late) to Philadelphia with Nichelle for our cupcake business class. Thankfully, they have wireless, so I can share this Enjoy Cupcakes photo from Facebook. It's a granola cupcake. You can get the granola recipe on their blog:

Honey "Bear-e" Granola Cupcake...vanilla bean cake, filled with fresh, finely chopped strawberries & pastry cream, topped with meyer lemon honey frosting, house-made honey granola and a blueberry.

I haven't made granola since I was in high school, so I called my mom up for a recipe and put my own spin on it. I think the trick to making granola is to slooooooow cook it at a very low temp.

You can also follow them @enjoycupcakes on Twitter. Here's their current latest weekly menu, available through April 18th:

Chocolate Blackberry Syrah *signature treat*

Chocolate, syrah infused cake, filled with dark chocolate belgium fudge, topped with blackberry frosting and a wine soaked blackberry that's rolled in sugar crystals

Honey "bear-e" Granola

Vanilla cake, filled with strawberries & pastry cream, topped with honey lemon frosting and housemade granola

"Miss V" (Chocolate Salted Pudding)

Chocolate cake, filled with chocolate pudding, topped with dark chocolate frosting & a pinch of sea salt

Vanilla Bean Crème Brulee

Vanilla cake filled with crème brulee, topped with fluffy vanilla buttercream frosting and adorned with caramelized sugar

Blackberry Chardonnay

Blackberry chardonnay cake, filled with mascarpone mousse, topped with blackberry frosting


Chocolate cake, filled with housemade vanilla bean caramel, topped with cream cheese frosting & caramel