Grilled cheese and cupcakes at Boulder Baked

I will have to go back to Boulder, which I hope to do within the next year or so, to give you a proper assessment of these cupcakes. Yes, even a cupcake blogger can eat too many cupcakes in one day that she get queasy, which is what happened yesterday. I was just overloaded and wound up flying home to New York with the cupcakes I was given from Boulder Baked (see photo below, though the snickerdoodle one my friend ate before I left). I did learn that you can take cupcakes on a plane. But they don’t really last if you jostle them a lot. I did really like the vegan peanut butter frosting; that was the one I most wanted to try. Alissa raved about the snickerdoodle one, though felt it was less snickerdoodle-like and more cinnamon-like.

They were very generous and gave me and my friend Alissa a grilled cheese sandwich, tomato/tortellini soup, an apple pie and cupcakes to sample. They specialize in cookies, which are made to order, and have been steadily expanding their cupcake menu. I really like that you can get food (soup/chili, grilled cheese) as well as cupcakes, because sometimes, especially after you have a lot of sugar, you crave some salt and protein to balance it out. They are open late and do a lot of business with the local students. You can follow them @BoulderBaked on Twitter, which is how they found their now-employee Mandy (aka @ColoradoCupcake), who is the one who contacted me.

Boulder Baked

A quick post for now, more on them whenever I have a chance to catch up from the travel whirlwind and get ready for the next round - Philly this weekend for our cupcake business class, LA the weekend after that and then after that I'll get to try Nostalgia Cupcakes in Annapolis, Maryland. So be patient with the Colorado reports, please. See more photos in my Boulder Baked photo set. Whenever I do go back to Boulder, I plan to have a meetup. It was definitely worth the trip, to see the mountains (gorgeous) and visit Boulder Baked and Tee & Cakes (more on them soon too).

I was also impressed that they were one of several family-run business I encountered in Colorado. I think it's really cool to see different generations working together and sharing information and joining forces. The business has evolved over time into its current incarnation as bakery/restaurant.

Boulder Baked cupcakes
S'mores, vegan chocolate peanut butter, coconut, snickerdoodle and strawberries and cream cupcakes

Boulder Baked banana cupcakes

Boulder Baked red velvet cupcakes


Boulder Baked grilled cheese = delicious!
Southwest grilled cheese (chipotle mayo, pepper jack, turkey, green chiles) on their own sourdough - and they have a selection of grilled cheese options and of hot sauces to put on top!



So my apologies for not being able to give a fuller cupcake report. I can tell you they have vegan cupakes, and they get high praise from cheerleaders:


And that they were spacious and very friendly and everything I did try of theirs was delicious. Next time they will be my first stop so I can do a proper cupcake taste test!


Boulder Baked
1911 Broadway
Boulder, CO 80302
info at


Audrina Attic said…
Mmm both the cupcakes and the 'real' food look delicious! I wish we had more shops like that where I live! Or if there are some I wished I could find them!