Sucker for Don't Mess with Texas

Without a doubt, I am a complete sucker for the Don't Mess with Texas slogan. I think it was originally used for an antilittering campaign in the state, but has morphed into something much larger than the sum of its parts. I must have half a dozen Texas sleep tees with that on them, remnants from my various trips down south. It's kinda weird because my first two trips to Texas were just awful (and didn't involve cupcakes, of course). So glad I gave Texas another chance!

I was excited to see these beautiful Texas cupcakes by the always-clever Clever Cupcakes:

Don't Mess with Texas Cupcakes!

More Texas cupcakes you say?


Personalized Cupcakes

How much do you love the wind turbines??

Wind Energy Cupcakes!


All images by CleverCupcakes.


Paula Kelly-Bourque said…
The cupcakes are so scrumptiously *stately*
Tammy Moore said…
I just found your website today, but I'm glad I did! :) As a born-and-bred Texan I have to love all the Texan love here!!