Very pretty mini cupcakes from The Shoppe, Denver

I'll get to a full write up of Sunday's Denver Cupcakes Take the Cake meetup at The Shoppe and Lovely Confections soon. Thank you to those who came out; we had a great time tasting cupcakes and chatting about our favorites and, for me, planning where else I need to go next time!

I really like this photo; it's a closeup of six of the twelve mini cupcakes I got for the meetup.

The Shoppe mini cupcakes, Denver, Colorado

Going from top to bottom row, they're lemon, I think Nutella (I didn't try this one), lemon lavender, Oreo, rojo caliente and s'mores. I like how they presented their s'mores, with the graham crackers artfully covering the cupcake, even the mini ones.