Cupcake on Kindle book cover: Slim to None

I don't have a Kindle myself so won't be able to read this book until July when it becomes available in POD (print on demand) and other e-book formats, but author Jenny Gardiner has a new novel out called Slim to None. I'm told it has recipes, but am not sure if it has cupcake recipes, but I thought the cover was cute. Description from, where it's available for sale:

Abbie Jennings is Manhattan's top food critic until her expanding waistline makes staying incognito at restaurants impossible. Her cover blown on Page Six of the New York Post, her editor has no choice but to bench her—and suggest she use the time off to bench-press her way back to anonymity. Abbie’s life has been built around her career, and therefore around celebrating food. Forced to drop the pounds if she wants her primo gig back, Abbie must peel back the layers of her past and confront the fears that have led to her current life.


Holly Noelle said…
You don't have to have a Kindle to read Kindle books. You can download Kindle for PC for free. I did that while I was waiting for my Kindle to ship to me. :)
Jenny Gardiner said…
Rachel you are SOOOO awesome to help me get out the word---I can't tell you how much I appreciate it!
And Holly!! I didn't know you can down Kindle for PC for free! this is good to tell people!
And I LOVE how cutting edge this website is--really awesome how it is linked to everything--how'd you do that?