Diner chocolate cupcake

Last night after a late dinner, my friend Twanna and I were on the Lower East Side around midnight, craving dessert. We settled on Remedy Diner, where we shared vanilla and chocolate ice cream and this cupcake:

Chocolate peanut butter cupcake, Remedy Diner, NYC

We ate it with spoons, combining frosting and cake, and ice cream and cake. This chocolate cupcake had a cut-up Reese's Peanut Butter cup on top and I think the very thick frosting was chocolate/peanut butter. The cake was moist, not too chocolatey, but worked perfectly with the ice cream.

Chocolate peanut butter cupcake, Remedy Diner, NYC

They don't make the cupcakes there, but I didn't get to find out where they do make them. They're open 24 hours so it's good to know that in the city that supposedly never sleeps (but actually does, especially when it comes to cupcakes), you can get a late-night cupcake fix.