Nostalgia Cupcakes in Annapolis, Maryland

I'm still in Annapolis but wanted to share a few photos from my visit today to Nostalgia Cupcakes. You can see all my photos in this Flickr set. You can visit them at and @nostalgiaccakes on Twitter. Cupcakes were $3 each for pretty decently sized cupcakes; some were filled.

A sign outside proclaimed their vegan cupcakes:

Nostalgia Cupcakes, Annapolis, Maryland

Nostalgia Cupcakes, Annapolis, Maryland

I tasted 6 that I bought earlier and still have four others I got to try, so will update you on them at some point (time is slipping away from me lately so I wanted to get something posted now):

Inside strawberry cupcake, Nostalgia Cupcakes
inside the strawberry cupcake

Nostalgia Cupcakes salted caramel cupcake, Annapolis, Maryland
salted caramel cupcake closeup - it was both beautiful and salty/sweet/delicious

Nostalgia Cupcakes, Annapolis, Maryland

Nostalgia Cupcakes pink lemonade cupcakes, Annapolis, Maryland
pink lemonade was the monthly special - it was very, very tart. I'm a big lemon fan but it was a bit too tart for me but my friends really liked it.

Nostalgia Cupcakes chocolate city cupcakes, Annapolis, Maryland
Nostalgia Cupcakes' most popular cupcake: the chocolate city cake cupcake.

Nostalgia Cupcakes, vegan cupcake
I got the last vegan strawberry cupcake - it was simple, but good, a sweet frosting, with less frosting than the other strawberry cupcake (see above) and a pretty thick, moist cake.

Of these 6 I'd say my favorite was the chocolate peanut butter with a thick dark ganache on top and filled with peanut butter.