May 2010 cupcake event calendar

We are constantly updating our rolling 30-day RSS calendar at right; to send listings at any time, email cupcakestakethecake at with event name, date/time, 2-3 sentence description, price, URL and images, if any. We do our best to list cupcake events that come to our attention but all listings are at our discretion. We welcome international event listings. We do a monthly post with event listings at the top of the month; those need to be in by the 28th of the prior month.

May 2, 2 pm
CupcakeCamp Toronto

See official site for details (email: info at

CupcakeCamp is an opportunity for our community to come together and share their enthusiasm for cupcakes with proceeds going to charity. Everyone who brings cupcakes will have the opportunity to brag about their creations which will be presented to the Tasters for a cupcake tasting frenzy!

May 8, 10 am
Savory Cupcakes class, Boston

Craving the salty/sweet crunch of a milk chocolate covered pretzel? This is the premise behind this unique course on savory cupcakes. From single serving mini dinner cupcakes, to side dish muffin/cakes that are pretty enough to be framed and all savory snack, cupcake shaped treats in between, join this class for a interesting take on the craze sweeping the nation... the CUPCAKE! To include: Meatloaf cupcake, Italian dinner cupcake, pretzel cupcake, stout/ale dessert cupcake and a surprise or two thrown in. $56-61

Boston Center for Adult Education
122 Arlington St.
Boston, MA

See Upcoming for details.

May 9, 6 pm
Iron Cupcake Leeds (UK): Fair Trade

Cupcake baking competition with Fair Trade theme. SeeURL for registration and details.

May 10, 6 pm
Iron Cupcake London (UK): Fruit

Cupcake baking competition with fruit theme. See URL for registration and details.

May 10, 6 pm
Iron Cupcake Anacortes, WA: Mexico

Cupcake baking competition with Mexico theme. See URL for details; email ironcupcake at to register.

May 16, 1 pm
Iron Cupcake London (Ontario): Strawberry

Cupcake baking competition with strawberry theme. See URL for details.

SUNDAY, May 16th at 1pm
36 Grand Avenue, London, ON N6C 1K8

May 16, 1 pm
Iron Cupcake Toronto: Flowers

Cupcake baking competition with flower theme. $5 cover, refreshments, prizes. See For The Love of Cake for details.

May 16, 2-5 pm
CupcakeCamp Fort Myers

Register and get more information on Facebook (official event invite here).

Cupcake Camp is an ad-hoc gathering for cupcake lovers! Attendees can register to bring cupcakes (they can bake them themselves or purchase them from area cupcakeries) or just come and eat cupcakes! There will be timed intervals where cupcakes of different flavors will be brought out to the crowd.

Please RSVP and state whether or not you will be donating cupcakes or if you are just there to chow down!

Cupcake Camp is a FREE event open to those over the age of 21.

We have two competition levels. One is for amateur bakers and the other for professionals. The amateur contest consists of three competition genres: Best Vegan, Best Decorated and Most Creative Flavor.

May 19, 7 pm
Cupcake Social 2.0 in New York City

Cupcakes Take the Cake returns to The Delancey for our 3rd Cupcake Social 2.0! Free cupcakes while they last!

The Delancey
168 Delancey (between Attorney and Clinton)
New York, NY
Free, 21+

Spring has finally sprung!

Hey cupcake lovers, techies, start-up founders, developers and the like,

On May 19, we will have our third annual Cupcake Social at the Delancey Rooftop. Girls and Guys are encouraged to meet new people while eating cupcakes. Bakers bring cupcakes if you want to show off your goods.

RSVP and get more information at Cupcakes Take the Cake NYC Meetup Group.

May 28, 6 pm
Iron Cupcake Milwaukee: Candy

Click here for more information.

If you have EVER looked at a cupcake, considered baking one, or even walked through a book store; you are familiar with Hello, Cupcake! by best-selling authors Karen Tack & Alan Richardson. To celebrate the release of their sequel What's New, Cupcake? They will be joining us live as our special celebrity judges.