Magdalenas: Spanish Cupcakes


Yesterday, I stopped by Despana in Soho for a late lunch and had a Magdalena which is a Spanish tea cake. It is a delicious lemon pound cake made with olive oil instead of butter. The woman who works told me that there is anise in the cake which gives a little spice. There's no frosting but a dusting of sugar on top. If I were to make them, I would add a nutella buttercream frosting with a little lemon peel.

I found some recipes for Magdalena Cupcakes:

Magdalena recipe with unsalted butter instead of olive oil
Orange Saffron variation


Noelia G. said…
Hello! I'm Spanish!
I follow your blog daily, I love.
The magdalenas are a tradition in Spain, which we especially at breakfast.
My recipe is composed of:

4 eggs
3 cups flour
2 cups sugar
1 cup olive oil
1 envelope yeast
1 lemon scratch
1 lemon yogurt

Greetings! (Sorry for my english!)
Nichelle said…
Thanks for the recipe!