Caramel macchiatto cupcakes, ice cream sundae cupcakes and more from fat bottom

All of these wonderful-looking cupcakes and the captions are from the food blog fat bottom, which I just discovered. Yum!

here are some caramel macchiato cupcakes... they were a yummy coffee cake, topped with espresso buttercream, homemade salt caramel, rice krispies, mini chocolate chips, and toffee bits... such a explosion of awesomeness...

and another caramel macchiato cupcake

click here for the recipe for these. "deep dark coffee-chocolate-chip cake with milk chocolate and Kahlua buttercreams..."

"sundae inspired cupcakes... awesome chocolate cake, topped with vanilla buttercream, dark chocolate ganache and a cherry..."

Livestrong cupcakes


lyndsay said…
awe! i love those sundae-look cupcakes, adorable with that big shiny cherry!! :)