Cupcake made of balloons and more cupcake cuteness from Cities Cupcake Boutique

This fun balloon cupcake (or cupcake balloon?) is by Knoxville, Tennessee's Cities Cupcake Boutique, the cupcakery where the cupcake flavors are named after cities, via their Facebook page. You can see lots more cupcake balloon photos here, and get a sense of just how big it is with employees hugging it. Visit to find out what's new and click here for a cheesecake cupcake recipe and their summer blueberry cupcake recipe contest to win a dozen cupcake burgers!

smiley face cupcake

flower cupcakes

logo cupcakes (that's all it said on Facebook so I'm not quite sure what these logos are of, but they are unlike any cupcakes I've ever seen, so I'm including them)

bird in a tree cupcake


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