Ice cream soda cupcakes and raspberry creaming soda cupcakes

These two cupcakes are different but related, and both are lots of fun and different from your average cupcake. I like the creativity that went into these - I love the cupcake bakery explosion as much as the next person but it's really bloggers and home bakers, for the most part, who are going extra wild with their cupcake concepts.

The first, the ice cream soda cupcakes, are by blogger raspberri cupcakes (via Foodgawker), who writes:

The toppings do make the cupcakes a little too difficult to eat straight out of your hand, so it's definitely better to serve with some spoons. I happened to have these cute little pyrex baking cups which I thought would be appropriate, and they were definitely easier to eat out of compared to the ones I used paper cupcake liners for. So if you have some individual silicone, glass or ceramic baking cups I would definitely recommend you use them for this recipe. The cherry and straw complete the look, I think they would be so great for a kids birthday party. There's not much flavour of the creaming soda in the cupcakes, so you need to heap on lots of that awesome tasting jelly to have with the cake to get that creaming soda taste. If you can't use ice cream because you want to transport the cakes, just top with some whipped cream instead.

Visit raspberri cupcakes for the recipe.

The second, raspberry soda cupcakes, were made by blogger Apparently Jessy for a past Iron Cupcake: Earth soda competition. Click for the recipe. She writes:

I loved the soda ingredient idea, and kept thinking of my favourite childhood drink...raspberry ice cream soda or 'spiders' as I have always known them as.
I knew I wanted to use raspberry creaming soda soft drink in my cupcakes, and I wanted to decorate them so they looked like the fizzy creaminess on the top of the spider drink...

The butter cream frosting consists of butter, icing sugar, raspberry creaming soda, strawberry essence, red colouring. I made it in three different shades of pink and put them together in the piping bag. I topped it all off with a squirt of whipped cream and a cherry!

Raspberry Creaming Soda Cupcake