Cupcakes in Mumbai, India

From an article in Business Standard:

The small size of cupcakes is a major reason why they are such a fixture on menus of new-age bakers like Rebecca Vaz, an ex-flight attendant. Since consumers are open to new forms and flavours in their cupcakes, Vaz too tweaked her recipes. “Vanilla and chocolate are still popular, but I think you’re starting to see a trend of thinking out of the box,” she notes. Vaz, who now pursues her baking under the brand name The Baking Tray, has perfected her own healthy recipe of banana bread cupcakes with oatmeal and honey that has been a runaway success with Mumbaikars. “It’s going to be Brownies in Diwali as they have better shelf life than cupcakes.” Though the cupcakes are not going anywhere, she adds quickly, as private and corporate Diwali parties love to indulge on mini-cupcakes.

“The fact that you can be creative with the colour, icing and sprinkles makes baking cupcakes a great stress buster too,” enthuses Mallika Rahat Khan, owner of Sugar Rush, another cupcake lover and baker. She tells us that besides the fashion elite who love cupcakes, they are now a must-have item on baby showers, pre-wedding bashes, kitty parties and even weekend get-togethers. A Cordon Bleu graduate, Khan returned to the city three years ago and discovered that ‘cup-cakery’ was fun and a great business. Today, she insists that close to 95 per cent of her orders are for cupcakes — customised to her customer’s wishes. “I have included apple cinnamon, strawberry, cherry, peach, and other seasonal fruit flavours in my cupcakes. Even eggless and sugar-free cupcakes are now sought after by customers,” she lists.