Long Island iced tea and Mai Tai cupcakes at Sweet Avenue Bake Shop

That subject line is a tiny bit of a lie because the Sweet Avenue Bake Shop (Rutherford, New Jersey) Mai Tai cupcakes are no longer there and the Long Island iced tea ones were today only, but I cannot resist a colorful cupcake wearing an umbrella! Visit them on Facebook, @Sweet_Avenue on Twitter or their blog daily to see what flavors they're cooking up; their regular website is sweetavenuebakeshop.com. Captions from Facebook.

"Our final Magical Mystery Cocktail flavor is LONG ISLAND ICED TEA! We've got quite a few alcohols packed into this cupcake - vodka, rum, tequila, gin & triple sec; filled with lemon curd and topped with a tea-infused citrus frosting."

"Today's Magical Mystery Cocktail flavor is Mai Tai! Rum & orange-infused almond cake with lime curd filling and citrus frosting."


tris1978ton said…
I never knew this type of cupcakes existed! How creative!