S'mores cupcake overboard!

We are still celebrating National S'mores Day around here - I think we will post a s'mores cupcake a day until...we run out (or does one ever run out of s'mores cupcakes?). Or until I get distracted by a new cupcake obsession.

Today's s'mores cupcake is by the Pleasantville, New York cupcake bakery Flour & Sun Bakery, via Flickr. They're not offering it today, but visit their website or aceboko page daily to see what their flavors are. Today's are:

Carrot Cake
Chocolate Hazelnut Nutella
Chocolate Blackout
Apple Cinnamon

While I'm posting about Flour & Sun, I couldn't resist sharing this cupcake flower pot they posted on Facebook - it's so cheerful.


angela maass said…
I Love S'mores cupcakes!! Here is some that my sis and I made a few weeks ago...