Yarn cupcakes, chocolate Boston creme pie cupcakes and a very cool cupcake bouquet

I just discovered the blog Got to Love Cupcakes! and I'm smitten...look at all the beautiful cupcakes she's created. Captions are from her blog posts. The chocolate Boston creme pie one is making this chocolate lover's taste buds explode just looking at it. Be sure to visit Got to Love Cupcakes! for lots more cupcake fun. And fyi, I discovered Deanna via her Flickr account while looking for something in our 7,000+ member Flickr cupcake pool - it's a wonderful resource and a great way to connect with your fellow cupcake makers. Or just ogle pretty cupcakes.

I made carrot cake cupcakes with our garden grown carrots and threw in some toasted walnut. After frosting with the kids desired colors I places a tinted Wiltons candy melt in the center pushing slightly so the cake and frosting indented.

I took a take on Boston Creme Pie cupcakes since that's one of my husbands favorite things I make. Instead, I went all chocolate.
Triple Chocolate fudge cupcakes +
Chocolate fudge custard+
Semi-sweet chocolate ganache = Chocolate heaven
Added fresh strawberries for color.

I painted a styrofoam ball and use a stick that my husband cut off the tree outside and placed it in a flower pot I got at Target for about a dollar. About 3 toothpicks per muffin to attach to the ball. This definitely needed a little weight around the bottom so I used some marbles to make sure it wouldn't topple over.


Michaela said…
That Boston Cream Pie Cupcake looks amazing! Wow...yummmm!